Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Layouts

Oregon coast with my by-gone friends Michael and Kara. They were just sitting on my desk, so I scrapped em.

Jingles a frew years ago... climbing a tree at the old house. it was his new hobby for several months.

More Oregon. The tide pools. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! 9 pics and it doesn't feel croweded. My new mantra is MORE PICTURES/LESS SPACE.


Cheyenne, Gene's grandbaby.

An old vacation (same box of pics on my desk lol) from 2003. Funny how with creative cropping, you can almost make an ex disappear from a trip. (ok, I included a couple small pics so my kids didn't think I was being a big old b-word)

Saturday, January 5, 2008


More scrapbooking. Excited aren't you?

Here's an album I bought at Archivers for likre $7. (the base, not the papers) It says Friend out of chipboard and I just thought it was cuter than baby kittens! I added basic grey paper. Erm, can't remember which set it is, I'm sure Stacy knows. I also added an "s" on the end so it could be "best friends". Inking, ribbon, buttons, a few rub ons and some office binder clips. Got an album made. :)

I'm counting it as 8 pages. That way, I'm up to 10 for the year! I'm 20% of goal and it's the freaking 5th of January!! wooop!

Need to print out another pic of Linda. I had to super crop that one, so I'll find another really nice one of her.

Left side, is supposed to be Sheree. Pics will be added when I find the box that pic is in. I knew where it was as of last sunday, but we moved rooms around again to work on tanner's room and poof.. gone.

Of course... the glass man.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Some new Scrapbook Pages!

I'm not playing, I said I was gonna post some layouts, and here they are! The 4 above are layouts I did for the boys for xmas. I started an album a few years ago, updating pics for the year, and a letter from me to them. They look forward to them. Last year, I had started working and just got behind, so I did 2 years this year to catch up!

This layout is from when we went to see the Lt. Dan Band! Gene surprised me one day saying he'd heard about a concert I'd probably want to see - turned out to be Gary Sinese's band - they raise money for a children's charity for children displaced in iraq. They came to KC so we ended up going and pushed our way right up to the front. Did I mention I LOVE Gary Sinese??? Major score. I was so close I could read the time on his watch! Been wanting to work on these pics for a while. not my best layout ever, but it's done!