Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project 365

Monday, March 23, 2009


My Saturday was quite productive, til the end when I petered out. There was an all day crop and I met up with Linda and Stacy, and Stacy brought her friends Andrea and Wendy. Of course, there was also all the regular gals. I honestly got tired of hearing the cricut machines running by the end of the day - and I never thought I'd say that.

I accomplished quite a bit. A bunch of cards (and frankly I've always felt like I suck at cards), and a bunch of pages for Seth's school pic album. For the record, I've scrapbooked every single school photo (seth)!!! Wooot. Go me.

My former mother in law, Dorothy, always made an album for all the grandkids. It included things like their programs for concerts and snapshots she'd taken over the years. It was not fancy but you could tell they were full of love, and always a hit. Sadly, Dorothy passed away a couple years ago so there will be no special Grandma album for Seth and Tanner, since they were so much younger than all the other grandkids.

I feel a bit of an obligation to make sure the boys get some school albums. Even tho Dorothy did not use pretty flowers or fancy paper, she was religious about saving ticket stubs, and drawings. I'm not as good with that sort of thing. Well, I am, it's the keeping it organized part that's difficult for me!

Anyway, I'd already had 8th - Senior done for Seth in his special annual christmas album, so I made the rest of these to go in that album.

Warning. If you think boys shouldn't have flowers or bling on their pages, then you're not going to enjoy this very much.

That paisley paper is one of my favs of all time. I found it on clearance at Archivers and literally bought like 15 sheets. Every once in a while, one sheet of paper strikes me, and I buy it every time I see it. *and use it*.
  • Honestly, I can't remember who makes it. LOL.
  • The rest of the paper is We R Memory Keepers.
  • Journaling papers are from Making Memories.
  • Big K is from cricut storybook cartridge. (my new fav)
  • Quote sticker from Autumn leaves.

I love this rocket paper, and wished I'd bought 2 sheets instead of just one. I had to work hard to make it work over 2 pages. :p The 2nd grade pic? Well, confession. We totally forgot to return the picture packet to school and so seth had no "official" school photo. DOH. So within a couple days, we went to the traveling walmart photographer (back when there was no dedicated studio in walmart) and took "school" pics. Good fake isn't it? LOL. Please note the stitching "blast off" from the rocket. Go me.
  • Paper: No idea. cosmo cricket? I suck at remembering that stuff.
  • sticker letter: Thickers by american crafts
  • chipboard accents: K & Company

This pair was harder since I only had small photos. I needed more accents. That snake, I've had it a good 6-7 years. I still like it, even tho it's way too thick to be in a scrapbook. I don't care. It won't be around in 2078. No really. *I'm ok with that* Me and that snake, we've wrangled before. His twin brother is on another page years ago, but glue dots won't stick to that sucker so I stitched him down.
  • Paper: HA... you know the routine. it makes me think of Heidi grace, but it's NOT.
  • Numbers: Storybook/Cricut again
  • Charm: Old. Real old. From Hobby Lobby circa 2002
  • Circles: Also circa 2002 (I looked at the copyright date). I believe they're KI memories
  • Quote sticker: Autumn leaves
  • Flowers: Prima
  • Bling: Hobby Lobby cheapo brand.. can't remember the name. Stampabilities?
  • rd sticker letters: American crafts

The bottom paper, I know this one! K&co and another of my fav papers of all time. Unfortunately it comes in a pack. I won't be buying bunches of packs for this paper, although I'd love to.
  • Sticker letters: Doodlebug, loopy Lou. I LOVE these. I can only find them in brown, although I admit that I haven't looked online.
  • Everything else, is a repeat of stuff I've already used. Getting lazy so look up^^

  • Paper: Diecuts with a view Green Stack
  • Rest... see above

Sunday was a little less eventful. My highlights were hanging the shelving brackets for my desk in my scrapbook room and trying to slice off the tip of my index finger. Fingers bleed. a lot.

Today I must make myself go outside. I'd dreamed of a bright sunshiney day, and hanging clothes out on laundry day in my bare feet, but instead it sounds like the wicket witch and the tornado is knocking at my back door. Hrummfpt.

BUT, I still have to go pay the propane bill. blech. Go to Sutherlands and buy fun stuff. (sometimes it's fun there) and force myself into Walmart. Please god, make walgreens come SOON.

PS. Thank yous to Carol and Tina for the heads up on the bagworms. blech. Picked and taken care of by glass men that don't mind dirty buggy icky things.

Thanks to Tina and Sarah for the birdy update. Sigh. he probably went on to better pastures, but I am going to look for some birdfeeders and birdhouses for whomever would like to move in! I don't have squirrels or deer, but I do have butterflies and birds, so I'm going to run with it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Project 365


Seth graduates in a couple months, so I wanted to get some layouts done for his album. These are a few of his pics that I took for senior photos.

Anyway, I love Seth's initals "SLR"... because well, it's like the camera "Single Lens Reflex" :) Someday I'm going to get a tattoo of a camera with SLR and TTR on it. Now I just need a reason why TTR is camera related.


PS The reason it's SRL is because that's like a monogram. Last name center.
  • Patterned paper is Die cuts with a view new Green stack. You must get this. it's awesome!
  • Cardstock is bazzill
  • chipboard elements are Basic Grey
  • Diecuts from my new cricut storybook cartridge! *best cartridge ever*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Project 365

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project 365

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our homemade wedding - Scrapbook page

This layout kicked my butt. Not because it was hard, but because in the middle of printing these very photos, that's when my printer shot craps. Then walmart's printer shot craps, and I had them print them 3 times, and they lost about $15 in photo paper, and I bought seven $.19 prints total. I feel bad, but dude they sucked. *they still didn't look right*


I wanted to make a layout of all the things that I made for the wedding, and I think I win the ultimate DIY bridal blowout of '08! I honestly made more than I didn't make. And I had fun. And I'd do it all over again.

PS. I didn't make my dress. I know some ppl think I did, but I did not. It's a Lady Roi dress, and I think it's discontinued now, but there are other patriotic dresses available on the market, Lady Roi still does make them if you're wondering.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A scrapbook album for you - she's pink

Several years ago, I made this album with a different subject. I decided that I really didn't like it anymore, and I wanted something with the girls in the tutu I made so I remade the album into something I'm much happier with.

The book was made with five 8 x 10 canvases from Dick Blick art supply. They are pretty inexpensive. You can also get them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They might have them at Wal-mart too.

I then drilled holes in the sides with my paper drill, but you could use a regular drill if you wanted. Go slow! I then used really large eyelets to fill the holes. I get those at walmart in the sewing section, they are 1/4". Not required, but I figured it would make them last longer. I then painted the front of each canvas (because what's the point if you just cover it with paper!), and the back of each had a paper covering with a name plate, etc on it. I covered all that with paper from Rob and Bob I think.

You'll have to use glue dots to put pics on the canvas side but your regular (good) adhesive will be fine on the back sides.

I then put it all together with book rings, tied ribbons to the rings and viola. An album! I have one I want to make similar out of old chalk boards I picked up from Hodge Podge about a year or so ago. I also have some old filing separations with metal tabs that I'm going to use too.
Anything thin-ish will work! Heck use a bunch of cereal boxes if you want! Go nuts.

It's 1 a.m. on Sunday morning. It's raining cats and dogs. I should be in bed but I wanted to upload this album. I have another page to share probably Monday, and some fun stuff we did today! + pics!