Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project 365

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Scrapbook pages

A couple more new scrapbook pages to share:

My red dress that I wore for my reception - that I made btw.

Paper is my minds eye - from a glitter stack (of course), chipboard circles and hearts are K & Company, Glitter silver sticker letters are Making memories, I don't remember who makes the large red glitter letters, I took them out of their box! My favorite new thing *ever* right now is the Making memories journal notebooks. I have every single one I think. I buy every new one I see - which is ok because I use them on almost every page!

Ester's First Birthday Party:

Paper is Diecuts with a View - Sweet stack. Flowers are Prima (which Becky and David gave me for Christmas! I almost have them all used lol), Journal spot again by Making memories

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project 365

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Something like that, only with some butterscotch colored spots all over him.

OK so I lied

I intended to get back yesterday, but alas I didn't make it.

I did however, finish up this page I was working on over the weekend.

I love everything about this page. This page is so me! Bright colors with bold prints. When I found the bouncy house sticker from Jolee's (EK success) I had to buy it as it looked a lot like the bouncy house they were in. Usually I'd never spend that much on one single embellishment, but I caved. I also felt guilty for talking amber into a more expensive embellishment. (Disney castle).

The chipboard letters were an absolute steal in my opinion. I got 26 - 12" x 12" sheets of chipboard with tons of letters on each sheet. I see myself using those a lot, and already have a couple pages in my head. If I use them 5-6 times, I think they'll pay off. ($10 for 26 sheets). Letters are painted with acrylic paint and sanded along the edges.

The paper is from We R memory keepers. This has turned into some of my favorite lines of paper. The font I used is Tweed. I also stitched some "bounce" lines across the bottom, which were light, so I accented them with a platinum colored brush pen. The sticker letters are American Crafts, also accented with the platinum brush pen (which I almost ALWAYS do on sticker letters).

In other news...

Sunday was quiet. Gene and I just hung out all day. He spent most of the day looking at gems and jewelry online. That's his new pasttime. I scrapbooked, cleaned my scrapbook room some, finished up those stupid butterfly albums. *spit*. I have 3 more that I doubt I'll ever get done. LOL.

Yesterday Tanner had the day off. We did nothing particularly special. I did feel bad for him because he was working on a google earth map of Lewis and Clark's expedition *for extra credit* (which btw, google earth is freaking awesome), and 2 hours into it, it crashed. I felt so bad. :( He was pissed.

*I get it*

*been there*

I have to go to the bank today and yell at them. Yes, because they sent me a letter telling me I better pay my house payment. Oh that's funny, I did it over 2 weeks ago!! GRRR. *even cleared my account*. I am pretty pissed.

I have to work on some marketing flyers, and a pre-wedding questionare that I've been putting off for a month now, but I really need to get it done.

I also have to remail the card for V-day that I freaking left the stamp off of. DOH! Not one of my finer moments. Somewhere in there I gotta take a shower too.

Gotta hit the ground running!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Project 365

3 more days. I'm caught up yay me.

Lots of stuff to do, tons of stuff that I still have left to do and haven't even started. I'll post more later!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 down, a trillion to go

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not a trillion, but a bunch. I'm giving up butterfly albums for lent. *that wouldn't be hard to do*.

Cutting this paper sucked, then someone told me there was actual paper die cut already. *doh* So I went back and found it. For a $1 chipboard album, I spent as much time on those as i do a regular album!

I've decided to give these to the girls for Easter instead of Christmas. I thought it would fit the time frame better.

And me with my valentine's crab leg "bouquet". OMG that thing had to be huge.

Reminds me of when me and Tanner went to Ripley's aquarium in TN. We saw the biggest King Crab on the face of the earth. I tapped on his aquarium and said "you taste good".

I doubt he appreciated the humor as much as I did.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Project 365

I was hell bent on getting my list of things done today, and this was one of them. Almost made it. I thought I'd post them earlier but I got really tied up in a job that I thought would take an hour or two, ended up taking around 6 hours!

Didn't get my notebooks listed on etsy, but did get them photographed, and only other thing left on the list to do is to package up Ester's now very late b-day gift. Because I FORGOT again!

Monday, February 9, 2009

1200 free prints

I have been getting prints at artscow for a while now. I got a crazy deal of 600 free 4 x 6 prints and decided to give it a shot. They are shipped from Hong Kong, so it takes about a week to 10 days to get to you. Shipping is surprisingly reasonable. I have done the math, and the cheapest option for me has been to take my 50 free prints and buy 25 more at the regular price and pay slightly more shipping.

Anyway, they are having an EVEN BETTER deal right now. 1200 free prints to new registrants, so give it a shot.

Friday, February 6, 2009

oopsy... I forgot

Forgot to post these last night! Oops!

2 more pages of the project 365. I think I might start adding the files individually so that you can see each one better. This system kinda sucks.

Can't believe I've made it to FEB. I kinda suck at sticking with stuff like this, although I do feel like I've slacked off a bit. Feb I switched colors. Kinda hard to read on it, so I will probably go to black text.

Tonight, I'm shooting pics for the Daddy Daughter Dance. approx 60 couples in an hour! ACK. Do the math ppl. I think it's gonna be a shoot and burn so I think we'll be ok.

Have to pick up more biz cards and pack for tonight, then I pack for tomorrow, going to go scrapbook with Amber all day long. wooot! will be fun, although I've not scrapbooked in like 2 weeks!

Started a project for valentines for gene. Yes, it's a scarf. LOL. I'm so loving scarfs - I think I have more scarves than purses. *no really* BTW, he *asked* for one so it's not cheesetacular. And really, it's better than those dorky coupon books. Besides, he'd actually USE HIS COUPONS for foot rubs and stuff and BLEH. lol.